We offer 4 toilet solutions based on comfort, design and efficiency. If in doubt about anything, please contact us.

Standard Water Flushing Toilet

Can be installed with water supply & waste tanks.
Can be installed with macerator.

This is our standard toilet solution which is used in several office, staff and residential cabins, mobile bathrooms, 2-in-1 toilets, small events toilets & construction toilets.

It is the most popular toilet solution when you have a connection to external water supply and waste drainage on site. Although it can be installed with tanks instead. The toilet can be directly mains connected or it can include a macerator grinder pump.
The toilet works like a normal toilet in the home and therefore feels natural and comfortable. We install the toilet in an upright or wall-mounted version, and with or without visible pipes. If the pipes are hidden, the cabin is built with a technical compartment for easy servicing of the toilet.

Simple Tank Toilet

The tank toilet is our simplest toilet solution, but still has a number of benefits. It has a tank capacity of around 200 visits and comes with a 65 L water stand, which functions as both a hand basin and flushing mechanism. The toilet does not require any power and can therefore work as an independent solution.

Thanks to the toilet's construction, it cannot get blocked and therefore rarely needs servicing. It is also less susceptible to frost damage, except for if the water stand or tank is full. The tank has a ventilation pipe to remove any odours.

This toilet is most often used in our office, staff and small toilet cabins for building sites, renovation projects and smaller events.

Vacuum Toilet

Can be installed with water supply & waste tanks.

Vacuum toilets provide major benefits compared to the standard water flushing toilets. It only uses 0.5 litres of water per flush, which gives it a much greater capacity in water and waste tanks. The vacuum pump is also stronger and more reliable than the pump of an ordinary toilet waste disposal.

The vacuum toilet is most often used at large festivals, where it can be challenging to maintain a stable water pressure during the entire event. Without stable water pressure, it takes longer for an ordinary toilet to be ready for the next flush. With a vacuum toilet, you can use the tanks to create a buffer, so that the toilet is always ready for use, even during very busy periods.

Vacuum toilets are also used in pioneer cabins and staff cabins for jobs where there is a limited amount of water available, such as during forestry, excavations and concrete work, etc. In such instances, a vacuum toilet can run purely on solar power, thereby providing the utmost flexibility.

Combustion toilet

The combustion toilet is unique because it doesn't use any water. The toilet therefore takes up minimal space as it needs neither water connectivity or leaves waste water.

The toilet works by inserting a bag in the same way you would a coffee filter. When you have finished, you light the toilet, which burns the content at 600 degrees. The toilet is odourless and notifies you when it needs emptying after approx. 100 visits.

WC-Flex tank toilet

This is a variation of our normal tank toilet, which is even more compact, but has the same capacity of around 200 visits. The water tank is built into the wall above the toilet. The hand basin therefore does not have a pump, but a tempostop tap.

The toilet is built specifically for the WC-Flex toilet cabin and is therefore not compatible with our other portable cabins.