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Mobile vs stationary
If you aren't planning to move your portable cabin around, it may be better to buy a 'house' on a frame rather than a cabin. This is not as flexible of course, but you get a much cheaper and more maintenance-free solution. You also avoid having to pay insurance and motor vehicle tax. The frame of the house has truck pockets, which makes it easy to lift with a forklift.

Size and weight
One of the most important decisions to make is about size and weight. The type of driver's license you have and the car's allowed connectivity weight and total weight will determine how heavy a cabin you will be allowed to drive with. If in doubt, just give us a call.

Staff cabin

Staff cabin vs office cabin
If your employees work directly on a building site, then you need a staff cabin. If the employees start and end their working day in a company, then you just need an office/dining cabin with a toilet.

Width vs length
Our 4-man staff cabin is available in two versions: 520 and 570. Both cabins have the same surface area. The difference lies in the 520, which is wider and therefore has more space around the table. The 570 is easier to park in narrow roads.

External power, water and drainage
Will it always be possible to connect the cabin to electricity, water and drains where it is going to be used? If not, then the best solution is a pioneer cabin. Our pioneer cabin works like a staff cabin, but is also equipped with solar cells and gas and tanks for water and drainage. It can therefore function without external connection to power, water and drains.

Type of jobs
For cleaning, demolition, remediation or sewage work, where employees may be exposed to potentially harmful substances, the cabin must have two separate compartments with sluices in between to meet hygiene guidelines. This is where an environment cabin is essential. It is possible to get an environment cabin and pioneer cabin in one.

Optimal toilet solution
For normal staff cabins and environment cabins, we recommend a flushing toilet with a waste disposal unit. For pioneer cabins, we recommend a vacuum toilet for the biggest possible tank capacity. If you are still in doubt, please just give us a call or read more about toilet types here.

Toilet cabins

Capacity vs flexibility
We provide toilet cabins in many sizes with a capacity ranging from one normal toilet (WC-Flex) to 16 toilets (large toilet cabin). Think about which combination of sizes best suits your needs. If, as the owner, you have two small toilet cabins, you can hire them out to several events at the same time. However, a large toilet cabin increases efficiency at larger events.

Optimal toilet solution
Our toilet cabins typically use flushing toilets with a waste disposal unit or vacuum toilets. If your cabin is to be used at large festivals, then we recommend vacuum toilets, as they only use 10% of water. This is an advantage at large events where it can be a challenge to keep the water pressure consistent. The pump on a vacuum toilet is also more powerful, and means you can pump out the waste water up to 200 metres away.

Residential cabins

Two or four bedrooms
Our residential cabins come with two bedrooms with two box mattresses in each room. Alternatively, they can be supplied with four bedrooms with a sprung mattress in each room. The four bedrooms are placed so they overlap to make the most of the space and thus create extra space in the living area and bathroom.

Optional facilities
As standard, our residential cabins come with all essential facilities to meet most needs. If you want more or other facilities, we can design a cabin specifically for you. Out technical designers can help you with things like weight distribution and surface area, so you know you will get a cabin that works in practice.

Specialist cabins

Specialist equipment
If you want specialist equipment in your cabin, you have several options. We can order the equipment for you and fit it, or you can order the equipment and then we fit it for you. You are of course also welcome to fit it yourself later. Just give us the dimensions so that we can design the space and installations according to your directions. See examples of specialised solutions here.

Practical matters
We will advise you on weight distribution, power consumption, type of chassis and positioning of doors and windows, but otherwise you are free to design the cabin as you wish. However, we can't build a cabin that is longer than 9 m and weighs more than 3500 kg unless it is built on a lorry chassis.