An attractive toilet solution with its own water supply and waste tanks


The toilet house consists of two toilet rooms and a separate technical compartment. It uses Jet's water-saving vacuum toilet and has inbuilt tanks for water and drainage. This means that the house can handle up to 1500 visits before the tanks need emptying. The house comes with water heaters, radiators , hand driers and an LED light strip as standard.


The separate technical compartment gives the owner a clear overview and makes it quick and easy to connect and control the unit. This ensures uninterrupted access to tanks and electronics, so that the toilets can be kept in use with fewer interruptions. The toilet has a tank reader with an text module, which sends a text when the tank needs emptying.

Made for Australian weather

The house is made of sandwich elements coated with wood according to customer preference. The house is built on a sturdy heat-galvanised steel frame with lifting holes for forklifts. It is well suited to natural and cultural areas, where an aesthetically beautiful solution that blends into the surroundings is required.

Easy to use and clean

The inside consists of fiberglass with a hidden pipe feed and wall-mounted fittings, giving the user a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. The smooth surfaces also make the toilet resistant to damp and odours. The obstacle-free floor means that the toilet can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Technical info

Model 320

Scanvogn toilethus
  • Dimensions and weight

    External: 3200 x 2280 x 2900 mm

    Internal: 3096 x 2176 x 2100 mm

    Own weight: N/A

    Capacity: Around 1500 visits

  • Facilities

    Vacuum toilet, urinal, 2 hand basins with tempo tap

    Jumbo toilet paper holder, trash bag holder

    Technical room with extra wide door

    3 door pumps, 2 external LED lights with sensors

    Windows: 2 510 x 410 mm



  • Plumbing & electrics

    230 V - 16 A CEE inlet

    1200 L drainage tank, 2 400 L water tank

    2 tank level indicators with sms module

    15 L water heater

    LED light strip

    Electrical circuit panel



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