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Open cabin for events and backstage


Most of our trailers can be upgraded with extra facilities that further improve the functionality and user experience. Some facilities, however, require that you sacrifice space elsewhere in the trailer, since there is generally very little wasted space. If you have questions, please contact us.

Note: There are facilities that can not be selected for certain trailers due to rules and regulations.


he display trailer is perfect for displaying your products at trade fairs and events. We only make customer-specific solutions for this type of vehicle. The general characteristic of the display trailer, however, is typically one or more large windows, sliding doors and an elegant design and decor.

Effective solution for trade fairs

The trailer features a clean simplistic design giving the user a feeling of space and comfort. It utilizes LED strips for a bright, comfortable, and energy efficient light. The excellent insulation, heaters and ventilation make the trailer comfortable to stay in all year round regardless of weather conditions.

Easy to use and maintain

The trailer connects to a standard tow bar and can be set up within minutes. This allows you to move the trailer from one place to another, quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. The trailer is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Technical info


  • Dimensions and weight

    External: 5700 x 2280 x 3140 mm

    Tare weight: 1500 kg

    Gross weight: 3000 kg

  • Facilities

    2 large serving windows 1900 mm (down to floor)

    2 large windows 1500 x 1250 mm

    Scratch resistant countertop 2176 x 450 mm

    4 bottom cupboards

    2 brackets for flag poles

    Lock rail in floor for display items

    4 pull-out staircases

    2 railings

  • Plumbing & electrics

    230 V - 16 A CEE inlet

    Ambient light along walls

    LED strip lights



Optimum density

Optimum density

We cut all the outer trailer wall panels with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. We also cut the corners with a seam and assemble them with sturdy anodized aluminium profiles. This results in a cabin with maximum trailer body strength and density and ensures you get the highest quality.

Solid-cast curved roof

Solid-cast curved roof

All our mobile trailer units come with a solid, single piece-cast roof. This ensures your portable  unit is weatherproof in all conditions, this also significantly increases its lifetime. The roof is cast with an even bend for optimal strength and water drainage. The roof also has a gutter system, which helps direct water and dirt away from doors and windows.

Optimum protection

Optimum protection

We only maintain the highest standards for corrosion protection. All our portable trailer cabins come with a sturdy heat galvanised chassis. Galvanisation is only done once the chassis has been mechanically processed, so that all the edges and bolt holes have also been galvanised and sealed.



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