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Revision date: 30-08-2017

Many of our customers prefer to lease their cabin. The leasing period for cabins is typically from 3 to 5 years, depending on the cabin type and your requirements. A credit assessment of the company is performed, and when the finance request is accepted, we prepare a leasing agreement. The person in the company with authority to sign agreements must sign the leasing agreement manually. Once the leasing agreement has been signed and returned, the cabin can be delivered.

• Release of capital that can be used for other purposes.
• Simple budgeting and accounting, as the lease payments are expensed in full.
• Better liquidity. The lease payments are made over the time the cabin is in use and generating income.
• Flexibility. The lease payments can be adjusted to suit income, such as during seasonal swings.
• Enables regular exchange of older cabins for newer and more modern ones.
• Full user rights to the cabin. It is the rights of use and not the property that form the basis of income and profit.