If you have any questions about what to expect, please give us a call.

A well-functioning product

Our cabins are first and foremost built with an eye for functionality. They have been tested under all types of conditions, from the hottest climates in Australia to the coldest climates in Greenland, not to mention heavily trafficated areas at the Roskilde Festival, where an individual toilet cabin must be able to handle up to 700 visits an hour.

Over the least 20 years, we have been the first movers in our industry and this is because we work continuously with our customers to introduce new and better solutions.  For example, Scanvogn is the first Danish company to start using XPS composite panels for higher insulation efficiency and solid-cast roofs for optimal density and a longer lifetime.

A long-term investment

We never compromise on quality. We produce many of our components ourselves to ensure you get the best quality. Our sandwich panels use the market’s best UV stabilised fiberglass, containing a very high number of fibers for optimal strength and additives, which ensure a shiny white cabin for many years to come.

The panels are cut with a seam, which seals around the floor and is then assembled using sturdy aluminium profiles and a solid-cast curved roof.  Our standard chassis parts are supplied by Alko, which is the market’s leading provider when it comes to high quality cabin technology . All in all, this means that you get a really robust cabin with an exceptionally long lifetime.

National service

When you shop with us, you are in safe hands. Our Australian team is always ready to help whether if you're in need of repairs or want to upgrade or re-build your cabin.

Professional advice

With 20 years+ experience of portable cabins and construction, we are well positioned to give you professional advice. Our company was founded by two builders, Finn Andersen and Frits Stjerne in 1995.  Finn had already begun building portable cabins in 1985 in his previous company Flexvogne A/S.

We are currently Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of mobile solutions for the construction and events industries.  Our products consist of staff and residential cabins, mobile offices and food service cabins, as well as toilet and shower cabins.  We have 100+ employees and have customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Poland, France, Switzerland and Australia.

A high level of flexibility

One of our biggest traits is our flexibility in the form of customised solutions. We have extensive experience of building special cabins and can tailor everything from the design to the actual chassis. When we receive a special request, we work closely with the customer and our suppliers to find the best solution based on efficiency, use and price.

Even the standard solution can be adapted in multiple ways.  We offer four different toilet solutions based on comfort, design and efficiency, and a wide range of extra facilities such as specific white goods, work tool rooms and underfloor heating. The majority of our cabins can also be designed to be wholly or partly self-sufficient.

Safety and certification

Scanvogn demands correct certification from all our relevant suppliers. Our cabins are approved by TÜV Germany and are legal to drive in countries that recognise the UNECE regulation, including Australia.