Our experience designing commercial solutions for decades is proven through the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of our products.

Welfare on wheels

For us a portable cabin is not just a box with wheels on. It is a mix of art and craft, aimed to always give the user the best experience.  This applies to both simple and complex solutions.


Scanvogn stilrent design

Minimalist design

Our cabins have a simple and minimalist design with the aim of giving the user the best feeling of space, comfort and freedom.

Scanvogn farvetema

Colour schemes

Our colour scheme consists of white, grey and navy, creating a clean and formal contrast.  The floor and table tops are dark for an elegant look.

Scanvogn belysning


We use LED slight trips in all our cabins for a comfortable white and energy-efficient light, which gives a a modern and inviting ambiance.


Scanvogn vandafledning

Water drainage

Our roofs are cast with a curvature and have a gutter system, which prevents water and dirt from collecting by draining it away.

Scanvogn bedre faciliteter

Better facilities

Our cabins are designed for optimum use of space. This allows us to provide better facilities without compromising on comfort.

Scanvogn hurtig rengøring

Quick clean

We use durable materials everywhere in our cabins so that our customers spend as little as possible on cleaning and maintenance.


Scanvogn tilslutning


Our cabins are designed for quick and easy connection.  This increases user-friendliness and efficiency in the long term.

Scanvogn tilgængelighed


We offer 4 different steps. These include free-standing (loose) steps, attachable (fixed) steps, tilting steps and pull-out steps.

Scanvogn vejledning


Our cabins have labels both inside and out to make it even easier to use without having to spend time searching for information.