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Mobile office or dining area with a kitchenette and bathroom suitable for worksites


The staff cabin trailer is the ideal solution when you need an office or dining area on a work site. The standard 570 model is suitable for 4 people and contains an multi-use office/dining area, fully equipped bathroom with a toilet, shower, handbasin and a macerator for waste. Additionally there is a kitchenette work area with a large work bench, sink, 3 cupboards and a fridge as well as 4 steel security lockers for securely storing staff belongings or equipment.


The staff cabin trailer has a stylish and modern design, giving the user a feeling of space and comfort, whilst maintaining functionality and ease of use. The trailer uses LED lighting for a comfortable white and energy-efficient light. The excellent insulation, heat source and ventilation make the cabin comfortable in both summer and winter and is equipped with a reverse cycle air conditioning unit.

Built for the construction industry

The staff cabin trailer is built for the construction industry. The ease of use of the unit and intuitiveness of the design allows it to be packed away quickly, safely and efficiently. Security is also a key feature on the unit as it is equipped with chassis mounted stairs, ASSA ABLOY locks that are keyed alike, and a security shutter for the rear office/dining area window. The lightweight construction of Scanvogn staff cabin trailers allows it to be towed by any passenger vehicles with a braked towing capacity greater than 1700kg. The federally approved AL-KO Mechanical Overrun Braking system also eliminates the requirement for any electric brakes.

Easy to use and clean

The Scanvogn staff cabin trailer connects to a standard 50mm tow bar and can be set up and ready in minutes. This allows you to move the cabin from one place to another, quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. The cabin is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.
The staff cabin trailer features a macerator for all the waste. The macerator can be connected to a sewer or external septic tank.

Technical INFO

Model 570

Staff cabin 57Cabin Floorplan
  • Dimensions & weights

    External: 5700 x 2280 x 2900 mm

    Internal: 5596 x 2176 x 2100 mm

    Tare weight: 1675 kg

    ATM weight: 2000 kg

    Capacity: 4 people

  • Facilities & inclusions

    Bathroom with a toilet, shower, hand basin, mirror, and macerator pump

    Fridge, and reverse cycle air conditioning

    Fixed table 1200 x 690 mm, 4 chairs

    Kitchenette bench with sink and 3x cupboards

    1265 x 845 mm double glazed window with security shutter

    2x 530 x 430 mm frosted double glazed windows

    2x towel holders, 12x coat hooks

    Chassis mounted fold out steps

    4x steel lockers

    6x closable passive air vents

    Electric extraction fan
    4x corner drop stands

  • Plumbing & electrics

    2x 240 V - 16 A CEE inlets

    30 L hot water heater

    Internal LED lighting

    External LED lighting above doors


Item: 130739


Optimum density

Optimum density

We cut all the outer trailer wall panels with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. We also cut the corners with a seam and assemble them with sturdy anodized aluminium profiles. This results in a cabin with maximum trailer body strength and density and ensures you get the highest quality.

Solid-cast curved roof

Solid-cast curved roof

All our mobile trailer units come with a solid, single piece-cast roof. This ensures your portable  unit is weatherproof in all conditions, this also significantly increases its lifetime. The roof is cast with an even bend for optimal strength and water drainage. The roof also has a gutter system, which helps direct water and dirt away from doors and windows.

Optimum protection

Optimum protection

We only maintain the highest standards for corrosion protection. All our portable trailer cabins come with a sturdy heat galvanised chassis. Galvanisation is only done once the chassis has been mechanically processed, so that all the edges and bolt holes have also been galvanised and sealed.



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Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
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Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum
Scanvogn mandskabsvogn opholdsrum