Over 20 years experience of portable cabins

Core skills

We are leading manufacturers of mobile solutions for the construction and events industries.  Our products consist of staff and residential cabins, mobile offices and food service cabins, as well as toilet and shower cabins.

Throughout the years we have gained experience and skills that enable us to offer products of a high quality and comfort, alongside a high degree of flexibility for customised solutions. We understand our customers' challenges and will work with them to quickly and efficiently find the right solution.

We produce many of our components ourselves and work closely with our suppliers to develop parts that optimise quality, design and functionality.

We are always keen to help meet our customers' needs, both during the sale and when the cabin is with the customer. This is reflected in our ability to handle repairs and deliver spare parts.

Constant development

As the market changes, so do our customers' challenges, needs and expectations. Over the last 20 years, we have been the first movers in our industry and this is because we work continuously with our customers to introduce new and better solutions.

Scanvogn was the first Danish company to use sandwich panels with XPS insulation. We were also the first to make solid-cast roofs for optimal density and the longest lifetime.

In recent years we have helped raise hygiene levels at festivals, thanks to our water-saving and reliable vacuum systems.

For us, a portable cabin is not just a box with wheels on. It is a combination of art and craft, aimed to always give the user the best experience.  This applies to both simple and complex solutions. Our motto is 'lightweight innovation on wheels'.

About our production

We are a team of 100 specialists with many years experience in the construction and events industries. We produce many of our components ourselves and work closely with our suppliers to develop parts that optimise quality, design and functionality. This enables us to provide you with the best products, which all fully meet your expectations.

Trade to trade

Scanvogn is based in north Denmark, close to the North Sea. Scanvogn was founded in 1995 by two builders, Finn Andersen and Frits Stjerne. Based on their own experiences from building sites and builders' needs, they developed a series of successful staff portable cabins.

However, Scanvogn's roots go back a further 10 years to Flexvogne A/S, which was founded by FInn Andersen, when in 1985, following the new portable cabin regulations, he began producing light-weight portable cabins.

We have 100+ employees and have customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Poland, France, Switzerland and Australia. Read more about our background here.

Our vision

When employees without a fixed work area are offered comfortable and hygienic conditions, their efficiency is increased, absence is reduced, and it is easier to retain good employees.

An audience's satisfaction is also increased, when during various events, they are offered hygienic and comfortable facilities for personal hygiene. Customer satisfaction is increased when a high standard of bathroom and kitchen facilities is available during renovation jobs.

It is our vision to contribute to our customers' success by offering portable cabins that meet the demand for quality, comfort and flexibility posed by today's society.